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Our professional hunting guides accompany your daily stalking through the bush, hunting on open plains, or sitting on high stands watching antilopes roaming through the savanna.

Huntable game on Glenorkie:
Kudu - Oryx - Eland - Black Wildebeest - Blue Wildebeest - Warthog - Hartebeest - Zebra - Waterbuck Steinbok - Blessbock - Springbock - Duiker - Cheetah - Caracal - Jackal

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For us NAMIBIA stands for
N ature - and the protection thereof.
A ntilopes - not only the beauty of every species but also the close monitoring and ethical hunting and conservation of Namibia's very special ecosystem.
M irages - due to very low humidity, high temperatures and wide open spaces the most astonishing mirages can be seen at Namibian horizons.
I ndigenours plants - Not only the animals but also the vegetation is very interesting to observe as the extreme conditions of this country are a challenge for every living organism to survive.
B irds - the diversity of birds which can be found is catching the attention of ornithologists from all over the world and it is a wonderful experience to watch them in their natural habitat- the bushes of Glenorkie.
I neffable sunsets - Namibia is famous for its breathtaking sunsets and anyone who has seen the sun go down over the backdrop of the Namibian bushes will remember that sight forever.
A dventures - everything already mentioned plus the honest and welcoming heartbeat of the people of Namibia makes this country a beautiful and venturesome place very much worth discovering and experiencing.
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